Susan E. Roehm, Director of Information Services


Susan joined Palomar Financial, LC ("Palomar") in February 2000.  Prior to her present position with Palomar, Susan performed similar business functions for over a five year period with Interco Associations, LC ("Interco"), a business processing and outsourcing administrative firm.  Palomar acquired the business contracts of Interco in 2000, and Susan joined Palomar at that time.  Susan serves as Director of Information Services and also serves as a liaison with third-party administrators ("TPAs").  Susan=s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, network administration, planning, installation, and maintenance of hardware and software, IT maintenance, and administration of investment and accounting software, management of company and client records and off-site storage facilities,  oversight of TPA policy and claims administration for insurance company clients, monitoring and verification of TPA performance standards, screening TPA check approvals in excess of set limits, claims tracking, policy reserve tracking, reinsurance tracking, preparation of monthly policy and claim reserve reconciliation, monitoring reinsurance reserves, preparation of monthly reinsurance reports, handling of state complaints, handling of regulatory state compliance, assisted the National Organization of Life and Health Guaranty Association in collecting policyholder data in receivership estate, maintain web sites for company and insurance clients, oversight of mass mailing for receivership estates, monitor and tracking of Proof of Claim's, and perform TPA audits.

Prior to joining Palomar, Susan worked for First Dominion Mutual Life Insurance Company (formerly known as Fidelity Bankers Life Insurance Company ("Fidelity Bankers")) in its underwriting and policy administration departments over an 11-year period.  In that capacity, she was responsible for providing liaison service between the Company=s underwriters and the general agency field force, handling incoming telephone calls from the field force, and coordinating medical requirements for life insurance applications.  During this time period, she also served as an Executive Assistant to the Special Deputy Receiver and Director of Policy Administration for various aspects of Fidelity Bankers' policy administration. 

Prior to joining First Dominion, Susan worked as a Home Owners Rater for Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance Company.  In that capacity, she reviewed applications for home owners insurance and rated policies according to set procedures.



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