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HOME PALOMAR GROUP HOLDINGS, L.P., forms the capital investment and market strategies arm for the Palomar Companies.  These companies evaluate potential capital investment opportunities for themselves and on behalf of select clients.  The financial analysis team of the Palomar Companies stands ready to perform due diligence review of potential acquisition targets or investments ranging from multi-family housing projects to multi-line insurers and select portions of such enterprises.

Nothing herein constitutes, nor should be interpreted as, a solicitation of capital or other investments nor an offer to sell (or solicitation of an opportunity to buy) securities or financial instruments.


  Contact Information:

Address:         11401 Century Oaks Terrace
                      Suite 310
                      Austin, Texas 78758

Telephone:     (512) 404-6555

Fax:               (512) 404-6530

Email:             gpholdings@palomarfin.com


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